Police officer allegedly gave up gun when guarding Israeli Embassy

By Anna Sheinman, January 4, 2013

A police officer who was allegedly guarding the Israeli Embassy in London has been charged with giving up his firearm and his CS spray while working for the diplomatic protection group, the Daily Mail has reported.

PC Ricci Giff, 38, was charged with surrendering his gun and tear gas spray whilst working.

The original summons said the police officer “absented himself from protective duties” outside the Israeli Embassy in Palace Green, Kensington in West London, but the charge was amended to remove mention of the embassy.

The Daily Mail reported that the incident took place between October 29 and November 2 2011. PC Giff did not enter a plea for the charge of wilful misconduct in a public office.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police confirmed that PC Giff was suspended in December 2011 and remains suspended.

Last updated: 1:25pm, January 4 2013