British Jew who fought Franco in Spain mourned

By Jennifer Lipman, December 24, 2012

The man believed to be the last surviving Briton to fight against General Franco in the Spanish Civil War has died at the age of 94.

David Lomon, who changed his surname from Solomon, was one of up to 800 Jewish soldiers who volunteered to fight the fascist leader in the 1930s.

An estimated 4,000 Britons served with the International Brigades, despite an official non-intervention policy, and around a fifth were thought to be Jewish.

Mr Loman, who also served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, died on Friday at his home in Slough.

He joined the International Brigades when he was 19 and working in the rag-and-bone trade in the East End.

His first taste of fighting fascists came in 1936, during the Battle of Cable Street.

The secretary of the International Brigade Memorial Trust, Jim Jump, described him as "modest and unassuming… not the type to boast about what he did".

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