Twitter first to strike up welcoming Mirvis fanfare

December 20, 2012

This has certainly not happened to any other chief rabbi, Rabbi Mirvis grinned.

“Steve Pack, the US president, addressed the consultative group in my absence. I was brought in to address them, and then I took my leave and sat in a room down the corridor for about half-an-hour while the group was deliberating.

“And I turned on my phone and began to read this fascinating Twitter conversation about what was happening. ‘Is it true, have you heard, rumour states…’ Then, someone tweeted: ‘Rabbi Mirvis has been appointed!’

“I don’t think that anyone from the consultative group was tweeting under the table, but the rumour mill was spreading in such a rife fashion. So I was watching it happening. And I thought to myself, gosh, I hope they do decide to appoint me because the world already knows about it!”

Last updated: 6:45pm, December 20 2012