Federation to promote Moroccan Jewry in the UK

By Sandy Rashty, December 18, 2012

A new organisation to promote the presence of Moroccan Jewry in the UK was established earlier this month.

The World Federation of Moroccan Jewry’s (WFMJ) official launch was attended by more than 200 people at the refurbished Sephardi Porat Yosef Synagogue in Hendon.

Michael Roman, a member of the organisation’s 15-strong committee, felt that the WFMJ’s promise to promote Moroccan heritage as part of Jewish culture, would boost the Sephardi community in the UK.

“We hope to organise different cultural events – including traditional dance and song performances.”

Moroccan Consul Rachid Agassim spoke at the group’s launch on December 9 and encouraged all Jews to visit Morocco.

In 1948, the Jewish population in Morocco numbered 285,000 – but today it stands at 6,500, with many having emigrated to Israel.

“The situation is favourable for Jews in Morocco – to an extent,” explained Mr Roman.

“Many want to make aliyah, but if they choose to live in the UK, this organisation would help them.”

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