Israeli shop ‘set to sue’ protesters in Brighton

By Sandy Rashty, December 13, 2012

An Israeli shop in Brighton is set to issue legal proceedings against pro-Palestine activists who have picketed at the eco-friendly store for the past three months.

EcoStream, which sells SodaStream products made in the Mishor Adumim settlement, has been repeatedly targeted by anti-Israel activists. On Monday, they led a day of action against Soda Stream, although the attempted Twitter and phone bombardment on the shop was less than effective when staff disconnected the shop phone.

SodaStream is set to file “urgent” legal proceedings to counteract the boycott’s negative effect on business.

“The shop makes no money — it’s empty,” said local resident Simon Cobbs. “The only people are Brighton Jews, going in to support the shop and keep it going.”

Community members have now established a Sussex Friends of Israel group, to combat antisemitism and anti-Israel feeling in Brighton.

Last Thursday, an anti-Israel activist who made a Nazi salute outside EcoStream during a BDS protest, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment at Brighton Magistrates Court. The 23-year old was fined £75 for the November 17 incident.

On the same day, Andrzaj De Virion, who chained himself to the store’s doors in the same protest, pleaded not guilty to aggravated trespass, and has been bailed to return for trial on June 25 .

Last updated: 10:46pm, December 16 2012