Charity suspends donations until investigation concludes

By Simon Rocker and Noga Tarnopolsky, December 13, 2012

A British charity has suspended donations to a soup kitchen in Jerusalem after allegations that the manager of the kitchen had withdrawn money from its funds to buy a flat.

The UK Friends of Ichlu Re’im said that it “would not send further funds to support Ichlu Re’im until completion of all investigations”.

A report in the Israeli financial newspaper, Globes, said that Uriel Maloul had been questioned by the tax authorities over the withdrawal of the money.

Mr Maloul, 55, has admitted transferring £137,825 to his personal account.

His lawyer, Avi Goren, said Mr Maloul had merely “borrowed” the money and was in the process of returning it when questioned by the authorities.

Mr Goren said that Mr Maloul was “very sorry. He understands he made a mistake. The non-profit’s bank account is not a private mortgage bank. But all of his behaviour shows a contrite man who was already in the process of reimbursing the funds”.

Last updated: 6:45pm, December 13 2012