‘Antisemitic’ attack on Spurs fans in Rome

By Sandy Rashty, November 23, 2012

A Spurs fan is being kept in a hospital in Rome, after he was attacked by a group chanting antisemitic slogans last night.

Ashley Mills, 25, from Brentwood, Essex, was treated for head injuries at the San Camillo hospital after the 1am attack at a pub in Campo de Fiori square.

Around 50 people, armed with knives, knuckle dusters and bats, chanted antisemitic slogans at the “Jews” during the attack on the group of Tottenham fans having a drink in the city’s pub.

Raffaele Ranucci, a senator in Italy’s centre-left Democratic Party, said the attacked was laced with: “antisemitic, racist and Fascist connotations”.

Eleven people were injured in the attack that is believed to be racially motivated. Police arrived at the scene within 10 minutes of the attack.

The attack occurred before the Europa League game between Lazio and Spurs. During the game, Lazio fans reportedly chanted “Juden Tottenham” and held up pro-Palestinian banners.

The attack is believed to be by right-wing “Ultras” Lazio fans, who have been associated with fascist factions.

Tottenham holds a strong Jewish fan base, with slogans including “Yid Army”.

Lazio chairman Claudio Lotito has denied that Lazio fans have any involvement in the attacks.

Last updated: 10:30am, November 23 2012