Labour MP vocal against antisemitism resigns

By Anna Sheinman, November 2, 2012

Labour MP Denis MacShane has resigned from Parliament after being found guilty by the Parliamentary standards committee of falsifying expenses. He was chair of the all-party Parliamentary inquiry into antisemitism.

The Rotherham MP and Labour Friend of Israel policy chair said in a statement: “Clearly I deeply regret that the way I chose to be reimbursed for costs related to my work in Europe and in combating antisemitism, including being the Prime Minister’s personal envoy, has been judged so harshly.

“I remain committed to work for progressive values, for Britain playing a full part in Europe, and for combating antisemitism even though I can no longer undertake this work as a Labour MP.”

A Parliamentary committee found he had submitted 19 false invoices which were "plainly intended to deceive" Parliament's expenses authority.

Last updated: 12:26pm, November 4 2012