Hendon Hermie designer releases kosher app

By Zoe Winograd, November 1, 2012
What can I have to eat? a starving Hungry Hermie

What can I have to eat? a starving Hungry Hermie

Graphic designer and member of Hendon United Synagogue, Richard Herman, 46, is the creator of Hungry Hermie, a new kosher food-themed game made for Apple iPhones and iPads, and Android.

Two years ago Mr Herman came up with the concept of an animated hungry character as a “fun and engaging way to encourage eating kosher in a non-patronising way.”

Players who buy the app make the ravenous Hermie — named after his creator — eat as many kosher foods as possible, while avoiding the non-kosher cheeseburgers, lobsters and hams. The task is made a little more complex as players ensure Hermie eats meat, milk or parve, according to colours on the screen, which becomes even more difficult as Hermie chomps at an increasing rate. The kippah-wearing Hermie lets players know if he has eaten incorrectly with Yiddish soundbites such as, “Oy vey”, “What a shlemiel” and “Oy gevalt!”

And, if left dormant for a while, Hermie lets players know when he is “starving.” Mr Herman said; “It is a fun Jewish-themed game which promotes eating kosher. This is not a prayer book online — anybody who is culturally interested in Judaism can buy it.”

Mr Herman has had previous app success with his Jewish Food Guide which was released for iPhone 18 months ago.

Last updated: 12:36pm, November 1 2012