Rosh Hashanah marred by antisemitic abuse

By Marcus Dysch, September 20, 2012

A number of reported incidents of antisemitic verbal abuse were reported to the Community Security Trust following Rosh Hashanah.

People walking to and from synagogues were shouted at by passengers in passing vehicles but there were no reported instances of more serious abuse or attacks.

It is understood that the CST was informed of around half-a-dozen incidents in London by Wednesday.

Extra police patrols operated in areas with large Jewish communities around the country, particularly in London and Manchester, in an attempt to ward off possible attacks.

CST communications director Mark Gardner said: “Most of the reported antisemitic incidents consisted of abuse shouted from passing vehicles.

“This happened in various places and was upsetting for the victims, but did not amount to a significant problem for our communities.”

He thanked both the communities and the police for co-operating with the security efforts and said that the organisation was hoping for a peaceful Yom Kippur.

Last updated: 9:21am, September 20 2012