Sweet New Year messages from Britain's political parties

September 13, 2012

Leaders of Britain’s three main political parties have sent Rosh Hashanah greetings to the Jewish community.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “It is my hope that the new year is one which brings us closer to lasting peace for Israel and the wider region.

“I would like to wish you and your families a very happy New Year. L’shanah tovah u’metukah (to a happy and sweet new year).”

Labour’s first Jewish leader has revealed his delight at getting to know the British Jewish community better.

Opposition leader Ed Miliband said that since last Rosh Hashanah he was “proud to have deepened my ties with the work of the community. I have come to marvel at its institutions, to learn from its ideals and to develop firm friendships within the community”.

Deputy Prime Minister and LibDem leader Nick Clegg said: “Wherever you find Jewish families living and working you find Jewish principles: tikkun olam — a sense of responsibility for righting wrongs in the world, tzedakah — social justice, chesed — loving kindness, education and peace.

“And those principles have a way of reaching out beyond the Jewish community into wider British society – and that is something we should all value. Just as we should all share in the message of hope for the future that characterises this holiday.

“It really is a very special time. So let me say shanah tovah umetukah – I hope you have a happy and sweet new year, and tzom kal – an easy fast”.

Foreign Secretary William Hague added: "As the High Holidays begin in the Jewish community across the world, families are reflecting on the past year’s events and preparing to face the challenges of a new year.

"I wish you, your families, and all who celebrate Rosh Hashanah a year full of health, happiness, and peace."

Last updated: 10:36am, September 14 2012