Lord Winston praises Israel-Britain research project

By Jennifer Lipman, September 10, 2012

Scientific collaboration between Israel and Britain was given a boost this week after five research projects looking at regenerative medicine were awarded vital funding.

Thanks to the funding, which has been given as part of the BIRAX Regenerative Medicine Initiative programme and falls under the UK-Israel Life Sciences Council, studies working on treatments and therapies for Parkinson's disease, diabetes and multiple sclerosis will be financially supported over the coming years.

The project, which has the backing of British scientist Lord Winston, brings together scientists from Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge Universities with those from the Weizmann Institute and Hebrew University.

"Together they can find cures for some of the world's most awful diseases," said British envoy to Israel, Matthew Gould.

"These projects, playing on the academic strengths of both countries and of the highest scientific quality, will not only have a major impact in this increasingly important area of medical science, [but] will be likely to benefit many people suffering from common diseases affecting the brain, such as dementia as well as heart function and other illnesses," said Lord Winston.

Last updated: 12:07pm, September 10 2012