'Study in Britain' ambassador tells Israelis

By Simon Rocker, September 7, 2012

The British Embassy in Israel has urged Israelis wishing to study in the UK not be put off by the difficulties faced by international students at London Metropolitan University, which last week was stripped of its right to recruit from overseas.

Up to 2,000 undergraduates and postgraduates were left with their academic futures in doubt when the university’s Highly Trusted Sponsor status was revoked.

But, stressing the growing links between UK and Israeli universities and the “important contribution” made by students to the UK, a spokesman for envoy Matthew Gould said Israelis should be encouraged to look to British institutions.

“We want to work with organisations like the British Council to make it as easy as possible for Israeli students to do so,” they said.

“Any Israeli student considering study in the UK should not feel discouraged by the issues affecting London Metropolitan University.”

Last updated: 12:27pm, September 7 2012