A life-changing app experience

By Anna Sheinman, August 30, 2012
Philip and Joan Rose

Philip and Joan Rose

Joan Rose of Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, may be 92 but she knows what she likes.

And what she likes is the newly-launched JC app.

Mrs Rose and her husband Philip, 89, married 64 years ago, are avid readers of the JC, and now make full use of the new app on their iPads.

Mr Rose said this week: "It has been literally life-changing for her. A year ago her eyesight got so bad she couldn't read the JC any more; it was very sad".

Mrs Rose said: "My husband saw the advert for the app in the paper - he has a subscription for the paper edition. We were so excited, because on the iPad I can make the text big enough to see."

She added: "Social and Personal is my favourite section. The app edition arrives on the Thursday afternoon, so I get on with reading that until Friday morning when the paper arrives, and then he [Mr Rose] can recommend me articles he knows I will like.

"I've always been a terrific reader," said the Edgware Synagogue member, a grandmother of three. "One of the grandchildren was going to come over and help me set it up, but while we were waiting I gave it a go and it worked. It has helped me keep in touch with my community. It's just marvellous."

Two months after its launch, the JC app has already been downloaded over 3,000 times. It has been purchased in 52 countries, from Bahrain to Mauritius, as well as the more expected Israel, the US and the UK.

On the Apple store newsstand in the news and politics section, the JC app is the fifth most read publication in Israel and the 10th most read in the UK.

Last updated: 10:14am, August 30 2012