George Soros buys shares in Manchester United

By Jennifer Lipman, August 21, 2012

George Soros has bought a two per cent share in Manchester United Football Club.

The club floated on the US stock market at the beginning of August, and according to the Securities and Exchange Commission the billionaire Jewish financier was among those who snapped up a stake in it.

He reportedly now controls more than three million shares in the club, equivalent to nearly £26 million.

Mr Soros, 82, made £1 billion betting against the Bank of England on Black Wednesday. Born George Schwartz in Budapest, the hedge fund investor survived the Holocaust by hiding with a non-Jewish family and after moving to the US, began his career in Wall Street in the 1950s.

As well as being known for his business interests, he is a prominent philanthropist and backer of left-wing causes, including the doveish J-Street lobby group.

Last updated: 10:01am, August 21 2012