Leaked Foreign Office documents attack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

By Marcus Dysch, July 5, 2012

Leaked Foreign Office documents accuse Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of blaming the Palestinian Authority for inciting hatred of Israel as an excuse for him to delay peace talks.

The previously redacted documents, released following a Freedom of Information Act request, appear to reveal Foreign Office officials’ views of Mr Netanyahu and the Middle East peace process.

One August 2009 document analysing the Palestinian Authority’s education system claims Mr Netanyahu “has a history of using the incitement issue” to delay the process.

It adds: “The history of this issue suggests that Netanyahu administrations have a tendency to charge the PA/PLO with incitement as a delaying tactic in peace talks.”

The documents were passed to The Commentator website, which claimed they proved a differing stance between Prime Minister David Cameron’s support of Israel and the approach taken by Foreign Office civil servants.

Last updated: 11:13am, July 5 2012