Plea to Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks: don't leave

By Jennifer Lipman, June 11, 2012

Fans of the current chief rabbi have mounted a bid to keep him in the post after his official retirement.

Lord Sacks announced two years ago that he would be stepping down in September 2013, after a total of 22 years at the helm of the United Hebrew Congregations.

But with his successor yet to be named, supporters are hoping he will reconsider.

A petition has been launched asking the United Synagogue to consider extending his tenure "for a further negotiated period".

Praising him as erudite, educated and gifted, the petitioners wrote that if Lord sacks was encouraged to stay on, it would surely be viewed as an "acclaimed" decision in Britain and further afield.

But, perhaps aware that online petitions cannot always bend rabbinic will, the petition writers noted that any extension to Lord Sacks' time in office should occur "with his compliance".

Last updated: 4:00pm, June 11 2012