UK terror victims can claim compensation

By Marcus Dysch, April 19, 2012

British victims of terrorist attacks abroad can now apply for compensation as part of a new government scheme.

The Ministry of Justice announced the plan on Monday and confirmed that people injured in attacks in Israel could apply.

The scheme will initially consider applications from those injured in six serious terror attacks - including the atrocities in Mumbai in 2008 and Bali in 2002 - but victims injured in other attacks after January 1, 2002 can also apply.

For such cases the Foreign Secretary will decide whether the incident in question can be added to the scheme.

Justice Minister Crispin Blunt said: "We should support and compensate those people who sadly have been injured in overseas terrorist atrocities. While we will never be able to put right the harm victims of terrorism suffer, we hope this scheme will go some way towards helping them rebuild their lives."

This may help people rebuild their lives after terrorism

Compensation can only be claimed by survivors who were injured themselves.

Attempts to establish how many British citizens injured in Israel are covered by the new guidelines have so far proved fruitless, as there is no breakdown of those wounded in attacks, only of those killed.

Last updated: 4:46pm, April 19 2012