No more Board action on Arkush

March 8, 2012

The Board of Deputies is unlikely to take further action against its senior vice-president Jonathan Arkush over his outspoken attack on the Jewish Leadership Council.

Mr Arkush issued a public letter of apology for the outburst, which had been strongly criticised by Board president Vivian Wineman and his fellow-officers.

He has lost his place on the Board's liaison committee with the JLC and his planned trip to Washington as the Board's delegate to this week's Aipac conference was cancelled.

After an executive meeting on Monday night, Mr Wineman said: "The apology given by the senior vice-president for his remarks about the JLC and his behaviour at the February plenary meeting was noted, as was the fact that both organisations wanted to move on from this episode." 

The executive "agreed on the need for discipline from HOs at meetings and that they should be responsible for setting the correct example to the deputies."

Last updated: 1:35pm, March 8 2012