George Galloway likely to stand in Bradford by-election

By Jennifer Lipman, March 6, 2012
George Galloway

George Galloway

Former Respect MP George Galloway is strongly considering standing for an election in Bradford.

Mr Galloway, who was voted out as MP for Bethnal Green and Bow two years ago, said he was almost certain he would campaign for the Bradford West seat.

The constituency has been represented by Labour's Marsha Singh since 1997, but a by-election was scheduled for the end of this month after he announced that she was standing down for heath reasons.

Speaking in Bradford today, Mr Galloway said he was visiting to "take the temperature".

"The chances are that if and when the House of Commons declares the by-election on and the nominations open then I will be the candidate for Respect in the Bradford West constituency."

Mr Galloway, who has been a Press TV presenter and is known for his criticism of Israel, was first elected as a Labour MP for Glasgow in 1987 but was later expelled from the party.

He launched Respect in 2005, but was unsuccessful in his bid to capture Poplar and Limehouse for the party in 2010. He also failed to win a seat on the Scottish Parliament last year.

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