Israeli envoy to the UK responds to Tonge's outburst

By Jennifer Lipman, March 1, 2012
Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub

The Israeli ambassador to Britain has described Jenny Tonge's attack on Israel as "shocking".

The former peer and longtime Israel critic resigned from the Liberal Democrats on Wednesday after refusing to apologise for stating that Israel would "not last forever".

Daniel Taub, the British-born Israeli envoy, commented on the matter at the Community Security Trust annual dinner later that evening.

Mr Taub said: "I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I tell Baroness Tonge we have no intention of going anywhere."

George Osborne, the chancellor and guest of honour at the dinner, added: "I've got a message for Jenny Tonge. The State of Israel is going to be around a lot longer than you are."

Last updated: 2:30pm, March 2 2012