LSE student 'trivialises' Holocaust

March 1, 2012

London School of Economics Students Union has disqualified a candidate in its elections after he "trivialised the Holocaust".

Jason Wong was campaigning for a position as a student union trustee. After breaching two election rules last week he was suspended from campaigning for 48 hours. Mr Wong responded by posting a picture on Facebook comparing the union's actions to book-burnings by the Nazis, and was subsequently disqualified altogether.

LSE student newspaper The Beaver claimed Mr Wong had also previously made Facebook comments relating to feeling "like a Jew waiting to be sent off to the gas chamber", while revising for an exam.

Jay Stoll, LSE JSoc president, said Mr Wong "should face the severest of student union disciplinary sanctions".

Candidate suspended over book burning comment

‚óŹ Professor Boaz Golany of Haifa's Technion Institute of Technology spoke at LSE on Monday. There were tight security measures for his appearance, a week after fights broke out on the campus between Jewish and pro-Palestinian students. Prof Golany spoke about Technion's achievements and Israel's culture of encouraging innovation.

Last updated: 3:25pm, March 1 2012