Sacks: I beat cancer - twice over

By Simon Rocker, February 23, 2012
Lord Sacks: "I looked at the of us blinked, and it wasn't me."

Lord Sacks: "I looked at the of us blinked, and it wasn't me."

The Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks has twice been treated for cancer, a forthcoming book has revealed.

Celebrated photographer Gemma Levine discloses the information in her book Go With The Flow, a collection of images and essays based on her own treatment for breast cancer.

In the introduction, Ms Levine says that Lord Sacks told her that he had cancer twice and that he remarked: "I went with the flow which carried me through. I looked at the angel eyeball to eyeball, one of us blinked and it wasn't me…. I refused."

Lord Sacks, who became Chief Rabbi in 1991 and is due to retire next year when he is 65, had cancer twice, which was "successfully treated over 20 years ago", his office confirmed.

Ms Levine saya the purpose of her book - proceeds of which will go to charity - is "to share my personal experience of breast cancer… and try to alleviate the fear and void of the unknown.

"Despite the initial shock and occasional overwhelming anxiety, I have grown and been transformed in many ways, which I could never had imagined or expected."

Last updated: 1:58pm, February 23 2012