Barrister who stole from chambers jailed

By Jennifer Lipman, February 13, 2012

A Manchester barrister who stole more than £70,000 from his own chambers has been given a three year jail sentence.

David Friesner, who was the deputy head of 9 St John Street Chambers, was an expert in fraud and money-laundering but found himself in debt as the credit crunch hit.

Between October 2008 and November 2009 he stole money on 14 occasions from the firm by having the administrator make payments to him without consent.

Friesner, 46, pleaded guilty to the charges at Leeds Crown Court last month.

Detective Inspector Dave Pester said: "Friesner was a well-respected barrister who for many years fought against Manchester's criminals. He was acutely aware that taking money without the permission of his employers was theft - in fact no-one knew this better than him.

"When he did so, he sadly became one of those criminals who for so long he had fought to bring to justice."

Last updated: 10:15am, February 13 2012