Missionary runs Holocaust Memorial Day events

By Jessica Elgot, February 9, 2012

A "messianic Jewish" leader, actively seeking to convert Jews to Christianity, hosted a Yorkshire town's Holocaust Memorial Day activities last week, a move condemned as a "perversion" by anti-missionary activist Rabbi Shmuel Arkush.

Selby-based Adrian Glasspole, founder of the UK branch of Chosen People Ministries, who said he was halachically Jewish, described himself as "responsible" for the Jewish communities across the north and Scotland.

Birmingham-based Rabbi Arkush, founder of anti-missionary group Operation Judaism, said: "These are Christian missionaries masquerading as Jews. Even though Mr Glasspole might wear a tallit and be interested in Zionism, he is a Christian. They are chameleons, employed by the church to ensnare Jews. And they are backed by a great deal of funding."

Describing his tactics for converting Jews, Mr Glasspole said: "I try to make friends. When I am friendly with a person I can talk about stuff that matters. Jews for Jesus stand on street corners with leaflets. I think it's a waste of paper. I do get sworn at on occasion, I understand that, though."

Last updated: 12:47pm, February 9 2012