Serial stalker Fogel jailed for two years

By Jennifer Lipman, January 27, 2012

A serial stalker has been jailed after being convicted of breaching his restraining order to approach his victim.

Elliot Fogel, 36, was found guilty last July of his third breach of a life-long order barring him from being within one mile of Claire Waxman.

The former television producer was previously jailed for four months in 2010 after breaching the order.

Fogel, of Edgware, was sentenced to two years in jail.

Fogel, who met Ms Waxman as a student at St Albans' College in 1991, began his stalking campaign in 2003.

Since then he has stored tens of thousands of web searches about Ms Waxman on his computer, visited her workplace and called her office during the night to listen to her voice on the answering machine.

She has described how the harassment campaign has put severe strain on her health and her family's well-being.

Last updated: 1:26pm, January 27 2012