Death threat tweeter suspended by Labour party

By Jennifer Lipman, January 6, 2012
Shereef Abdallah

Shereef Abdallah

The Labour Party has suspended one of its members after it emerged that he was using Twitter to wage a campaign of death threats and antisemitic abuse against other users.

Shereef Abdallah, an Ed Miliband "lookalike" who previously worked as a volunteer at the office of Labour MP Glenda Jackson, has been suspended from the party with immediate effect.

Mr Abdallah's stream of abuse included comments directed at others such as "racist tory anti Islamic scum" and "your nightmare is just starting… it will only get worse for you every day 24/7 till you leave twitter".

He also sent threats to "hunt" his targets down and to "end" them.

"I fear nothing not even death so will fight you and your ilk to my last breath," he wrote.

Neil Nerva, vice chair of the Jewish Labour Movement and the chair of Mr Abdallah's local Labour Party, praised the decision.

"I am pleased the party has taken immediate action," he said.

Last updated: 11:24am, January 9 2012