Want kosher food from Asda? Try the 'antichrist'

By Jennifer Lipman, January 4, 2012
The results of a search for Manischewitz

The results of a search for Manischewitz

Asda has explained why a search for kosher food on its website prompted the response "antichrist".

A JC reader was shocked to discover the word given when he searched whether the supermarket stocked products made by the well-known kosher food company "Manischewitz".

The company said it was a glitch due to the website's use of pronunciation software. When a search term is not recognised the site brings up the closest "sounding" match – which is how "Manischewitz" became "antichrist".

An Asda spokeswoman said the digital team was fixing the glitch "as quickly as they can.

"We'd like to thank the Jewish Chronicle for flagging up this error," she said. "While we were reassured this was purely a glitch in the system, we were as surprised as you were to find it."

Last updated: 1:15pm, January 4 2012