Fine for race abuse

By Jennifer Lipman, December 15, 2011

A man who threatened a Jew and told him to "leave the country" was caught out after he inadvertently led police to his doorstep.

James Casserley, 62, was found guilty of racially/religiously aggravated harassment after he showed a man waiting for a bus in Finchley a card bearing the word "IRA". He shouted: "You Jews are dead meat. Leave the country: you don't know what's coming your way" and started to become physically aggressive.

But when the victim said he would call the police, Casserley ran away - to his house - without considering the possibility that he would be followed.

The police were quickly on the scene to arrest Casserley, who pleaded guilty to the charges at Hendon Magistrates Court last Friday. He received a three month conditional discharge and was ordered to pay his victim £100 in compensation.

Barnet Police's Damon Cotter said: "Minority groups sometimes need extra protection when racial or religious hatred rears its ugly head. In this case we had great support from the victim and as a result we were able to bring this man to justice."

Last updated: 2:09pm, December 15 2011