Case closed: now I’m wearing my luggage

October 27, 2011

Next week El Al is cutting back on its luggage allowances, restricting economy passengers to 23kg and just one bag. So what is the answer to every Jewish traveller's eternal problem - how to arrive at your destination (particularly if you are flying to Israel) with as much as possible in your luggage, while simultaneously avoiding huge extra baggage charges?

One enterprising businessman has developed the Jaktogo - a lightweight nylon bag which transforms into a dress, a poncho or a jacket, each blessed with endless pockets. Yes, you wear your luggage.

So far travellers have been using the Jaktogo on the cheap and cheerful airlines, with mixed results.

The JC's ready-for-a-challenge travel editor, Sharron Livingston, decided to see how the Jaktogo performed in a test run - admittedly without actually taking it to the airport.

She assembled a collection of potential carry-on candidates, from books and pamphlets to jewellery, a change of clothes and even a laptop computer. When complete, the whole outfit weighed 8.16 kg - but, as Sharron pointed out, you would have to wear this only for a brief time before going through airport security.

Experts were less impressed. One said: "Anyone wearing this will stick out like a sore thumb, especially in a warm climate. Israeli airport security personnel aren't exactly noted for their sense of humour, or irony, and I doubt it would give the best of starts, or finishes, to your holiday."

Last updated: 9:22am, October 27 2011