Succah at Occupy London Stock Exchange

By Jennifer Lipman, October 18, 2011

Protesters at the Occupy London Stock Exchange have been invited to take temporary shelter – in a succah.

Following in the footsteps of Jewish demonstrators in New York, a group of British activists have decided to put up a "protest succah".

They have called for people to "bring radical Jewish decorations to hang in the succah, like your favo u rite Emma Goldman and Abraham Joshua Heschel photos, or whatever else you think belongs."

They added: "Bring some food to share; decorations to beautify, as we dwell and celebrate together."

The organisers also promised that there would be a lulav and etrog available.

Protesters began occupying the area on the weekend, mirroring the larger-scale protests set up across the United States last month.

Last updated: 10:13am, October 19 2011