Dayan's daughter in documentary on Camp David Accords

October 7, 2011

A documentary to be released later this month will give audiences a behind-the-scenes look into the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

Featuring Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger and Yael Dayan (daughter of Moshe Dayan), Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace is a documentary looking into the interactions of the key players of the Camp David Accords.

Producer Matthew Tollin said: "Not only was it a labour of love, but we felt the subject matter was as timely as ever."

This Channel Productions documentary goes behind the public faces of Begin, Sadat and Carter to look at the men in the backrooms who made the historic 1979 peace treaty possible.

The negotiations were secret at the time, held away from the eyes and ears of the media and the public.

Back Door Channels speaks to key figures in America, Egypt, Israel, Morocco and the Palestinian Authority to build up a picture of the background to the peace accords.

The National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter, Egypt's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs at the time, the Palestinian Authority's first foreign minister and the first Israeli journalist to interview Anwar Sadat also feature in the documentary.

Back Doors Channels will be released on October 14 in Los Angeles and is the work of Mr Tollin and Arick Wierson, who hold six Emmy Awards between them.

Last updated: 12:13pm, October 7 2011