Mobile way to report hate crimes

By Marcus Dysch, October 6, 2011
“It’s the bloke we nicked the phone off — could we use the CST app to report the theft?”

“It’s the bloke we nicked the phone off — could we use the CST app to report the theft?”

The Community Security Trust has launched a system to help members of the community report antisemitic incidents direct from mobile phones.

CST Report is similar to an "app" for smart-phones, but can be used on any mobile which has internet access.

It allows users to register where and when an incident took place, the nature of it, a description of what happened, and their details.

Because CST Report is designed specifically for mobile use, it allows those who have seen an incident to upload video or pictures from the phone direct to CST. Financial support for the system was provided by the Home Office's Victims' Fund.

Justice Minister Lord McNally said: "It is a fantastic and pioneering way of enabling victims to report antisemitic incidents quickly and easily.

"Helping people to come forward and report hate crime is vital to ensuring victims can seek the support they need, as well as helping us to understand the extent of the problem."

Mark Gardner, CST communications director, said: "This is an innovative and very practical development to help people report antisemitism to CST.

"The easier it is for people to contact CST, the better we can help them.

"In particular we expect this to be used by the younger members of our community; and we hope that in time it will help police and the government to better record, understand and combat all types of hate crime."

To use CST Report text CST to 80800 (text cost covered by CST) or insert into the search field in your mobile phone's web browser.

Last updated: 2:09pm, October 6 2011