Muslims speak up for peace

By Jessica Elgot, September 27, 2011
Dr ul-Qadri, condemning terror

Dr ul-Qadri, condemning terror

A new, pro-peace Islamic website, which aimed to get one million to sign a manifesto denouncing terrorism, has been repeatedly taken down by cyber attacks.

The website "Peace for Humanity" was launched at Wembley Arena before an audience of 12,000 Muslims last weekend. A temporary site is now up while organisers try to combat the attacks.

The Peace For Humanity conference featured a keynote address by Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, an Islamic scholar who received death threats last year for issuing a "fatwa against terrorism."

He told the crowd: "In spite of statements and memoranda and condemnation of the terror, the voices of the 99 per cent true, peace-loving Muslims have not been heard, they have been drowned out by the clamour and the noise of extremists. Islam has nothing to do with any act of terrorism. We reject every act of extremism and terrorism unconditionally."

Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith of Harrow and Wembley Progressive and Liberal Judaism's Rabbi Daniela Thau attended. Rabbi Mark Goldsmith of North Western Reform Synagogue recorded a message of support, but a Reform Movement spokesman said that because the conference took place on Shabbat "our rabbis felt it would not be appropriate to attend in person".

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