Holocaust resistance to be relived on Twitter

By Jennifer Lipman, September 19, 2011

The extraordinary efforts of a group of German students who resisted the Nazis are to be documented in a series of 140 character messages.

Next Sunday will see a host of stars gather at a London hotel for a ball in aid of the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire.

Liza Minnelli will be performing, while paintings, by graffiti artist Banksy and actress Maureen Lipman, will be auctioned.

The ball has been named after the White Rose, the emblem of the anti-Hitler student resistance movement in Nazi Germany. Many of the members were executed or imprisoned for their activities after the movement was betrayed in 1943.

As part of the lead-up to the event, their exploits are being chronicled on the social networking site Twitter in a celebration of their bravery.

Every day this week the organisers will post six messages on Twitter in the voices of Willi Graf and Hans and Sophie Scholl. The trio were among those executed by the Nazis.

Their comments will be based on diaries, interrogation reports and other historical materials.

"The drama is based in the historical record as far as possible," said Helen Whitney, chief executive of the Holocaust Centre. "Where dramatic licence has been taken, the drama sticks as closely as possible to what we know of the characters of these three individuals."

The tweets will also be collated on to a blog at the end of every day.

Last updated: 9:43am, September 19 2011