BBC cut broadcast from Israel Philharmonic Prom

September 1, 2011

Tonight's Israel Philharmonic Prom broadcast on Radio 3 has been suspended by the BBC as a result of demonstrations in the Royal Albert Hall.Around a dozen protestors are thought to have been involved.

As the IPO began the concert the protestors unfurled banners and began to chant anti-Israel slogans. The organisers had claimed that the audience would be subject to full bag searches, specifically to prevent banners being taken in.

After scuffles the protestors were removed by security to the accompaniment of chants of 'out, out, out' by the audience, who then gave the orchestra a standing ovation.

Culture minister, Ed Vaizey, who was in the hall, tweeted: 'Demonstrators seem to have turned entire audience pro Israel'.

Last updated: 9:59am, September 2 2011