Yes, they'll be back - at Chanucah

By Jonathan Kalmus, August 11, 2011
She lit up the screen: Bernette Clarke

She lit up the screen: Bernette Clarke

ITV is planning a sequel and possibly a series of its Strictly Kosher film on Manchester's Jewish community after last month's programme drew in millions of viewers.

The eccentric Orthodox mother Bernette Clarke and flamboyant boutique owner Joel Lever are likely to hit TV screens for a second time in late December if a one-off programme is approved by ITV bosses in London.

Holocaust survivor Jack Aizenberg will also appear alongside new faces in what may not be billed as a kosher Christmas special.

Strictly Kosher producer Chris Malone said: "We are actively researching a sequel and have pitched it to ITV. The response from the first programme was the best coverage we've ever had. It was quite surprising how it grabbed people's attention. If it's a series it would go out at Passover."

Joel Lever said: "If you talk to non-Jewish people, everybody loved it and were left wanting more. Jewish people are far too critical about themselves, even when the viewing figures were high. It's an entertainment programme, not a programme on how to be Jewish. So why not do entertainment in a Jewish way, since we do a lot of funny things?"

Last updated: 3:21pm, August 11 2011