Home needed for kitten with Hitler moustache

By Jennifer Lipman, August 1, 2011
Kitler: Puss in jackboots?

Kitler: Puss in jackboots?

A kitten with an unfortunate resemblance to the Nazi leader is recovering in an animal shelter after being abandoned.

The cat, nicknamed Kitler, sports an unusual black marking on her face in the style of Adolf Hitler's distinctive moustache.

She also has a black patch by her ears, not dissimilar from Hitler's dark hair, and another on her arms that could be mistaken for a Nazi armband.

She was found, malnourished, on the side of the road last week. The six-week-old kitten was taken to the shelter, but so far no animal lovers have expressed interest.

"We think her unusual markings are putting people off," said Tara Dundon from the Wood Green animal shelter in Cambridgeshire.

This is not the first unusual object or being with a resemblance to Hitler to make headlines. Earlier this year a Swansea house became an overnight sensation because its windows and doors reminded passers-by of the Nazi fuehrer.

Last updated: 11:24am, August 1 2011