Sefton Samuels captures the North in print

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 15, 2011
Morrissey and Tim Samuels, now an award-winning dcoumentary  film-maker and broadcaster

Morrissey and Tim Samuels, now an award-winning dcoumentary film-maker and broadcaster

Iconic photographs of northern Jews are included in a new 200-page book by one of northern England's most successful photographers.
Sefton Samuels was invited exclusively to a rare photo session on Coronation Street's 1960's set, at other times it was a casual stroll past George Best's clothes shop which afforded the opportunity to take pictures which were to make their way to the National Portrait Gallery. Shots of Franco's Spain taken when he was just 18, the Toxteth Riots and the slums of south Manchester's Moss Side have won him accolades as a respected photojournalist.

Now aged 80 and after a 50-year career, the Bowdon-based Mr Samuels has included mood-grabbing pictures of Israeli musician Daniel Barenboim playing at Manchester's Free Trade Hall, Manchester-born theatre director Sir Nicholas Hytner, and his own son, Tim, as a barmitzvah boy meeting indy music star Morrissey, in a new book, Northerners: Portrait of a No-Nonsense People. The book also includes a picture of Sir Oswald Mosley, the taking of which, when the fascist politician was giving a veiled antisemitic speech in Manchester, led to a near riot.

Mr Samuels came to Manchester from Bradford where he was a chartered textile technologist, and left the declining textile industry. Photography was actually just a hobby.

Some of Mr Samuels' favourite images are previously unseen pictures of Jewish schoolchildren, captured four decades ago at the Delamere Forest Jewish school - precious memories from a school whichhas just announced its closure.

Mr Samuels recalled: "I was the Delamere photographer for 33 years. I used to love going out and playing with the kids. When I moved to Manchester, before I could unpack my cases, Delamere's founder, Margaret Langdon, grabbed me and shot me up to Delamere to take pictures to liven up their annual report."

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