Christian group stands up for Israel

By Jennifer Lipman, July 14, 2011
Some 500 people attended the event

Some 500 people attended the event

Hundreds of Christian supporters of Israel gathered in London this week to stand up against boycotts and attacks on Israel.

The solidarity "Stand for Israel" event, outside the Israeli Embassy, was organised by British group Mordechai's Voice. It was intended to be a platform for British Christians to demonstrate their belief in Israel's right to exist and right to freedom from terror, as well as to show that people could be both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian.

Pastor Timothy Gutmann, who arranged it, said it was amazing to stand with 500 other Christians in support of Israel.

"Our hopes and prayers are that this will be the start of a huge movement within the Church," he said.

"We hope that the hundreds will become thousands, and that the public in Israel will associate Christians in the UK with love and support, instead of boycotts and criticisms. This is just the start!"

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