Al Jazeera hosts IDF Briton

By Jennifer Lipman, June 30, 2011

A British-born Israeli army reservist, attacked as a terrorist and a liar while participating in a debate on Al-Jazeera TV, has said it was worth it - and that he would like to do it again. Josh Mintz, 26, is one of the founders of, set up last October to show the world the IDF's human side.

Last week, Al-Jazeera invited Mr Mintz onto its show, The Stream. "It was combative to say the least," he said. "As I come on I heard them say that we were officially endorsed by the Israeli government, which we are not." Comments aired during the show became so hostile that Al-Jazeera even tweeted to justify why they had invited him. But Mr Mintz said that there was also positive feedback. "This is what the debate should be."

Last updated: 1:37pm, June 30 2011