Pig's head left at Scots doorway

By Simon Rocker, June 10, 2011

Police have said that the leaving of a pig's head outside the home of a Jewish woman in Aberdeen is not a racial incident.

The head, reportedly with a knife stuck in it, was left on the doorstep of the woman on Friday evening the week before last.

But Grampian Police stated this week: "Following our initial inquiries we can confirm the incident is being treated as a breach of the peace and not a racist incident."

The Daily Record last week quoted the woman – a mother of six – as saying: "I can't think why this has happened, apart from the fact we are Jewish."

‘It is a breach of the peace’

It reported that she had spotted a "rough-looking" man approaching her door and had then chased after him.

Neither the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities or representatives of the small Aberdeen Jewish community were able to shed further light on the incident.

    Last updated: 2:32pm, June 10 2011