Becks batmitzvah in style with Usher video

By Jennifer Lipman, June 2, 2011
Emma Beck (centre) and daughters, the batmitzvah celebrants, September and Tiger Lily

Emma Beck (centre) and daughters, the batmitzvah celebrants, September and Tiger Lily

A batmitzvah video featuring a father-of-five rapping to Usher's OMG has attracted thousands of hits on YouTube.

Laurence Beck, a chartered surveyor from Radlett, wanted to make sure his daughters, September and Tiger Lily, aged 13 and 12, had unforgettable nights when they marked their batmitzvahs last month.

So on top of hiring X Factor hopefuls One Direction to provide the music, he and his wife Emma rewrote the lyrics to the hit song, learnt a dance routine and found a film company to put together a spoof video.

The finished product, which took 12 hours to film, involved unscripted footage at the family home, cardboard cut-outs of the batmitzvah girls, performances from sisters Atlanta and Gypsy and son Duran, and Mr Beck sporting sunglasses and an Usher-style white jacket found on eBay.

"The reaction on the night was unbelievable - people had never seen anything like it. The girls were blown away, and it was so well done they weren't embarrassed," said Mr Beck.

"But then, after the party, so many people wanted to see it that we put it on YouTube."

Within days, the video had gone viral. "We didn't expect it to and we didn't intend to cause all this fuss. It's got a bit out of hand but it's great," said Mr Beck.

"As long as people understand that it's supposed to be a comedy version of the Usher video. I hope that's clear."

The only concern now is how to mark Duran's barmitzvah in three years' time. "It's going to be a tall order," said Mr Beck.

Watch the video here

Last updated: 2:22pm, June 2 2011