Memorial to Holocaust hero goes missing

By Jennifer Lipman, May 31, 2011
Frank Foley

Frank Foley

A plaque celebrating the heroism of an MI6 agent who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust has gone missing.

During the Second World War Major Frank Foley, who died in 1958, posed as a passport control officer at the British Embassy in Berlin.

Under this guise he was able to forge passports and acquire visas to help 10,000 German Jews escape the Nazis.

He even saved people by allowing them to hide in his own home, but his bravery was not made public during his lifetime.

In 1999 Mr Foley was named one of the "Righteous Amongst the Nations" Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.

The following year, a bronze plaque was laid in Mr Foley's Somerset hometown of Highbridge.

But a few days ago residents reported that the memorial had been removed. Police said they were looking into the matter.

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