Britain wins - for the most antisemitic attacks in 2010

By Nathan Jeffay, May 5, 2011

There were more major antisemitic attacks in Britain last year than in any other diaspora country, according to a new report.

Almost one in four attacks which took place worldwide happened in Britain, Tel Aviv University researchers stated. They found that there were 614 incidents worldwide, 144 of which were perpetrated in the UK.

The report's co-editor, Dr Roni Stauber, said this is explained by the fact that while most European countries have either a strong far-right presence, as in Eastern Europe, or a strong Muslim pro-Palestinian community, as in Western Europe. What is "very unique to Britain" is that is both are strong, and both are perpetrating attacks against Jews.

Taking a global view, Mr Stauber's team found that there were 46 per cent fewer attacks last year than in 2009. But it cautioned that the figure was not as encouraging as it seems - the number of attacks in 2009 was high due to pro-Palestinian anger over the Gaza War, which ended in January that year.

Last updated: 11:09am, May 5 2011