Peter Moss: a life in writing

By Jennifer Lipman, May 2, 2011
Peter Moss

Peter Moss

Peter Moss, a journalist and writer who contributed to the JC’s travel and arts pages, was killed on Thursday in a bomb attack in Marrakesh. The JC’s deepest sympathies go to his family and friends.

In tribute to him and his impressive career, we have compiled a selection of his writing and reviews.


Why Guyana is the ultimate power trip
A country almost untouched by tourism offers nature in the raw

Warsaw: re-birth of a culture capital
Rich in Jewish history but almost bereft of Jews, Warsaw is full of paradoxes.

Have a corking good time in Ireland
I’m a fool for the UK coastline, but nowhere quite compares with Southern Ireland.

Hong Kong just gets hotter
Despite the great Chinese takeaway, Hong Kong is still cool (and heimishe), says Peter Moss


The man who has the 20th century taped
Studs Terkel and the job of Moss' dreams


Review: We Are All made of Glue
Moss' verdict on Marina Lewycka's third novel

The list to end all lists
Thoughts on Schott’s Almanac 2010

Review: Kapitoil
He is Clark Kent with just the one super power

Review: Chocolate and Cuckoo clocks: The Essential Alan Coren
Moss on another great British Jewish writer


The radical cure for the ills of Jewish football
Moss on why the Maccabi League is a bit of a joke and has to accept change

Mind the (age) gap
32 years. It must be some sort of record.

Social Perversity in South Bedfordshire
Moss on being a Luton Town supporter

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