Comment is free to challenge

April 14, 2011

A news aggregate and commentary website which declares itself the "equal and opposite" to the Guardian's Comment is Free was launched last week.

The Commentator aims to provide news and commentary from analysts, journalists and politicians in Britain, the United States and Europe, including Emmanuelle Ottelenghi, Tom Gross and Harry Cole.

It launched last Tuesday with the news that that the UK Foreign Office is still upholding the Goldstone Report into IDF actions in Gaza two years ago, despite its author questioning its findings.

Robin Shepherd, founder, said: "With the long-standing dominance in Britain's marketplace of ideas of the Guardian's immensely successful Comment is Free platform, it has been evident to me for a long time that there is a major gap in the market which is not being filled by competing sections of the mainsteam media."

    Last updated: 12:54pm, April 14 2011