The Jew who could be Prince William

By Jennifer Lipman, April 12, 2011
Prince Daniel?

Prince Daniel?

A student from Stanmore could be flying to Tel Aviv for free if he triumphs in a contest to find a lookalike for Prince William ahead of the Royal Wedding.

Daniel Tannenbaum, 21, is currently at number five in the ranking for EasyJet's international lookalikes competition. The top ten hopefuls will be given free flights over the weekend of the wedding at the end of April.

He submitted a photograph of himself after reading in the JC that another Jewish man was trying his luck.

Mr Tannenbaum, who is studying business management and Spanish at Nottingham University, said his family told him he had to enter.

He said he was constantly told he looked like Prince William. "My nickname on various youth trips has always been 'the Prince'," he said. "At Stanmore Synagogue everyone calls me Harry.

"Whilst on my gap year in South America, in particular Peru, I was hounded by schoolchildren at local tourist sites and stood for hundreds of photos and got numerous free meals."

He said his friends and family were "loving it", and that he'd had the help of his sister in copying Prince William's pose and posture.

Mr Tannenbaum, who said his girlfriend was as "posh and proper" as Kate Middleton, said he would use the flights for a trip to Israel if he won.

He added that if he were invited to the wedding, he would buy the royal couple some Palwin wine and invite them to his flat in Nottingham to hang out.

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Last updated: 2:12pm, April 12 2011