Pro-Palestinian watchdog trade body launched

By Marcus Dysch, April 7, 2011

British trade relations with Israeli West Bank settlements are the focus of a new pro-Palestinian campaign group.

The founders of Prosper Palestine said the group will call on the international community to reject any economic relations with settlements and will work to support the Palestinian economy.

Speaking at the group's first Westminster briefing on Monday, MP Richard Burden, chair of the Britain-Palestine All-Party Group, said: "All we are suggesting is that the kind of economy which Israelis expect for themselves should also be there for the Palestinians. No more, no less.

"There must be agreement that nobody has any business buying or dealing with institutions which are unlawful."

Seph Brown, UK director of Prosper Palestine, said 22 Israeli settlement companies exported to Britain, and listed firms which sell settlement goods. These include major supermarkets, department stores and DIY outlets.

Mr Brown, a former anti-racism officer at LSE, worked on Ed Miliband's Labour leadership campaign last year. He previously worked for pro-Israel MP Barry Gardiner, but was sacked after failing to reveal his support for Palestinian groups.

Last updated: 12:25pm, April 7 2011