The Promise: Even the extras felt ashamed

By Marcus Dysch, March 31, 2011

An Israeli woman who appeared in the series said she felt "ashamed and disgusted" after viewing the completed programme.

Yehudit Collins, a retired office administrator from Jerusalem, and her husband, Chaim, worked as extras on the film.

They appeared in one scene where Jews were shot at by British soldiers and another in which Israelis celebrated plans for the termination of British Mandate Palestine.

Mrs Collins said she and her husband had been told by an agency that the scenes were for a film set in the 1940s, called Homeland.

But after watching all four episodes on DVD, Mrs Collins said: "Director Peter Kosminsky exploited every known antisemitic cliché in this admittedly extremely well-made, and therefore convincing, work of fiction.

"Many of us extras would never have agreed to be in this production had we known what we were in, and the use to which it would be put, in pushing an anti-Jewish and anti-Israel agenda.

"The owner of the casting agency said, had he known, he would not have sent people. Personally I feel ashamed and disgusted that in some small part I contributed to this work of 'faction'.

"Mr Kosminsky has done irreparable harm to the image of Jews and Israel."

Mr and Mrs Collins moved to Israel from Kenton, north-west London, in 1979.

During his public question and answer session on Tuesday, Mr Kosminsky said: "Every frame of the show was shot in Israel by Jewish technicians. It led to lively debates.

"We've shown the final film in Israel to show to the cast and crew and they loved it. They knew what they were working on."

Last updated: 11:04am, April 27 2011